5 Cute & Modest Swimsuits to Help You Get comfortable at the beach


Are you that kind of person who values modesty, or guided by modesty rules that you cannot begin to think of breaking? There is a lot of swimwear out there which you can buy ASAP.

But the problem is that most of these expose your body to a large extent. Modest dressing has its own standards. That is why you need to choose a swimwear that will look cute on you, and limit the exposure of your body as well.

Absolutely, there is no shortage of skimpy swimsuits out there. If you are after skimpy stuff, then save yourself the hustle reading all these. Walk to the neighborhood boutique, get yourself one, then go and jump into the beach or pool. Enjoy! 

Finding a modest swim suit can be challenging. However, it is worth the effort, especially when you plan to find a stylish modest swimwear that is comfortable and affordable to use for a long time.

Your solution lies in a Burkini and other Muslim swimsuits Few brands offer cute and modest Burkinis and Muslim swimsuits. Let us now dive in and look at these decent brands.

1. Burkini modest swimwear. The Islamic Burkini modest swimwear  is a collection designed following the Islamic dress code. It only exposes the feet, hands, and the face. This swimwear is the go for the modern Muslim women who love hanging out at the beach or swimming pool. It offers protection from the sun while adhering to the Islamic modesty standard. Besides, it is made of materials that are resistant to chlorine, hence guaranteeing a long life for the swimwear. The Islamic Burkini is a two-piece bathing suit. It consists of a long-sleeve overall covering the whole body apart from the face, feet, and the hands. Then there is a sleeveless sea dress covering the body contours on the top of the overall.

2. Lyra Swimwear: You can find Lyra swimwear in a variety of modest designs. They offer designs with different color variations and patterns that are stylish, flattering, and minimal. The Lyra Swimsuits come in four versatile pieces and are very popular. If you wish, you can wear the top alone. It is a long sleeve, one-piece swimsuit. This can also be paired with skirt cover-up, matching leggings or under-cap/turban, giving it a modest and comfortable swim look.

3. Coolibar: Coolibar doesn’t focus specifically on modest swimwear, but they have long swim tunics. When mixed and matched with swim bottoms, it works very well. With this combination, you can come up with a modest swimsuit that will auger well with your level of modesty and style.

4. Summersalt: Recently, the summersalt brand has partnered with Summer Albarcha, a Muslim influencer, to bring forth a modest and gorgeous swimsuit. This swimsuit is made of a swim shirt long enough to reach mid-thing. It is then matched with leggings, to make a looser fit with lovely punchy summer-ready colors.

5. Build Your Own (DIY) :As you can see, only a few brands are offering modest swimwear. So that means you will still find limited options. If you cannot find a great swimsuit that fits your style and modesty need, you may think of building one for yourself. The good thing with a DIY swimsuit is that you make it address your level of modesty and fit perfectly with your style. All you need is to get workout pieces made of materials that dry quickly. A long shirt paired with wide workout pants, joggers or leggings can make great modest swimwear. Make the right choice of fabrics that feel comfortable for swimming. Make sure the material dries quickly and doesn't absorb water. Usually, such materials are made of Lycra, polyester, nylon, or spandex. Take note that the DIY approach may not come with fasteners that help to avoid exposure while getting in or out of the water. These fasteners attach swim top to leggings or pants.

6. Swim Hijabs: You need to find a Hijab that is water-friendly to match your DIY swimsuit. This can be challenging, but there are good options out there. You can choose sports hijabs produces by modest brands such as the Nike Pro hijab.